EP #74- Frank The Tank Podcast Recap By Clay Horowitz


(Image Credit: Via BarstoolSports.com)


On this edition of the Wildchat Sports podcast, Kevin Larney sits down with the legendary, one-of-a-kind, Frank “The Tank” Fleming from Barstool Sports, and founder of The Sports Encyclopedia. The sports fanatic has quickly emerged as a fan favorite at Barstool Sports with his Mets and Nets content, Allow Me to be Frank podcast, unboxings, food and soda reviews, amazing singing, and so much more. 

 On the podcast Frank discusses a wide range of topics, such as the origin of his sports passion, he remembers watching the “hook and ladder” play by the Miami Dolphins as a six-year-old, and has been hooked on sports since. He then discusses getting through quarantine by watching tons of TV, which leads to a conversation about “The Last Dance” documentary. Frank even blessed the podcast with a song about Jerry Krauss to the tune of “Be Like Mike.” Frank then talks about his time with Barstool, and it all starting with a rant he posted about the New Jersey Transit. He then speaks on his experience on Barstools “Shark Tank” type show, “Big Brain” pitching his website hes been running for over 20 years, sportsecyclopedia.com, which has all the information one could ever need about the history of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. The $10,000 the show invested in him helped him greatly in the redesign of his website, to allow it to be far easier to navigate for all viewers. Lastly, Frank gives us his season predictions for his two favorite teams, the Nets and Mets. He believes that a healthy KD can motivate the problematic Kyrie Irving, and together they have a real shot at a championship. As for the Mets, Frank says he thinks they have a good team with “future MVP” Pete Alonso, despite still having the “washed up, old, and overpaid” Robinson Cano, but does not express any championship hopes he has for the team.