#EP37- Shooter McGavin Podcast Recap By Clay Horowitz

Picture from Cinemablend.com


In episode #37 of the Wildchat Sports podcast, Kevin sits down with one of the most classic antagonists in film history, the one and only Christopher McDonald, AKA Shooter McGavin. Love him or hate him, there’s not many fictional sports rivalries quite like Happy Gilmore and Shooter McGavin. Let’s listen to the pod to see what Shooter’s been up to since losing the gold jacket to Happy.

On the podcast, Christopher discusses his start to acting, beginning with plays after college, moving to Hollywood and getting commercial roles, which then lead to T.V and movie roles, as well Broadway. He talks about how he got the role as Shooter, not needing to audition, but telling the movies production he could only do it if he could have his family there. He tells us what it was like on set, with long 15-hour days, but it being fun and worth it with the cast. He doesn’t get the chance to see most the cast much these days, however still goes to car events with Chubbs and stays in touch with him. Lastly, Shooter talks about the impact of the movie, from Rory McIlroy telling him it’s his favorite golf movie, to anyone between the ages of eight and eighty coming up to him as fans. Shooter still golfs regularly at his local club, spends time with his family, and enjoys his incredible successes in Hollywood.


-Got into acting after college doing plays, then moved to Hollywood 

-led to commercials, movie roles, Broadway

- Has people 80 to 8 telling him how much he loves the movie

-Didn’t have to audition for the role

- Originally said no, so he can spend time with his kids

- Sat down with Adam and laughed asses off, knew he had to do the movie

- Loved playing the spoiled golf pro and antithesis of Happy

- Has been on T-shirts, Wheaties Boxes, hats, cups all with “I eat pieces of shit for breakfast”

- Filmed in Vancouver

-Up at 7 everyday, shot until the sun went down; 15-hour days everyday

- He was always playing in breaks

- Had a swing coach on the set

- Adam’s posy, still hangs with the same guys he came up with

- Path’s do not cross much, he doesn’t go in the Hollywood scene often, lives in the mountains

- Funniest moment on set: signing girls chests, him signing grandmas chest instead of hot girl

- Sunday gatherings and fun times at a makeup artists house

- Stays friends with Chubs, goes to car event with him in Florida, plays golf sometimes

- Last shot of movie was Adam diving into the water to find his ball

- They really didn’t know how much of a success the movie was going to be

- Bob Barker was a last-minute addition, was invited to the set and said he would do it if he could do the fight scene himself

- When not on set, he was home with family

- Scenes shot at different golf courses in Vancouver

- Rory Mcilroy has said that Happy Gilmore is his favorite golf movie

- Played with David Love III, Jim Kelly

-John Daly shot course record at his home course barefoot and drunk

- Is also the course from Space Jam