Freddie Gibbs Supports KD & Brooklyn Nets

Rapper Freddie Gibbs(Right) pictured with Kevin Durant (Left) after a preseason game
Image via Brooklyn Nets IG

While relaxing courtside for a Brooklyn Nets preseason game, Freddie Gibbs demonstrated his side hustle by making it obvious he's prepared to check in to the game at any time!

The "Too Much" rapper demonstrated his quick reactions when a ball landed in his lap after bouncing out of bounds. Freddie showed off his ball-handling prowess to an unaware cameraman, but it's likely that he was wearing too much jewelry.

Just ask Kurtis Blow. Rappers have long yearned to take the court for the NBA, and Gibbs is no different, informing his management Lambo that the time has come to flash his handles. Additionally, Gibbs made time to speak with All-Star guard for the Nets Kevin Durant, who is featured on Gibbs' newest album.