George Clooney Almost Became a Pro Athlete?

Via Getty Images, via Ron Galella
George Clooney. A legendary actor and creative in the film industry. However, he's also a pretty good athlete. After his folks moved to Augusta, Kentucky, Clooney went to Augusta High School where played baseball and basketball. He gave a shot to play pro baseball with the Cincinnati Reds in 1977, yet he didn't make tryouts and was not offered an agreement. The rest is history as his acting career took off. We haven't seen award-winning actor on the diamond as much since, however he has made frequent appearances on the court.

Clearly, George Clooney's relationship with sports goes way back. All through his life, Clooney has  engaged in spontaneous pickup games for the sake of entertainment, & enjoys trash talking in games with other actors including a matchup he had with Leonardo DiCaprio and John Krasinski in years past. In 2014, he even stopped by his old high school to hoop with a few students. We've even seen pictures of Clooney and Obama hooping, which included Tobey Maguire and Avengers star Don Cheadle as well in the game. As George Clooney mentioned basketball & other sports are clearly a significant piece of his life. However, it seems like it was a series of intense wounds that has now caused Clooney to choose he'd take a break from the game and hasn't played for few years now. Regardless, Clooney has grown a reputation as quietly being one of the more athletic actors in the industry.