Hall & Holder Transitioning Into Boxing Career Is Genius By Kevin Larney

Image via Sugar Sean O'Malley IG


Despite popular opinion, I do not believe Bryce Hall & Tayler Holder are  "copying" Jake Paul in hopes of gaining more attention. The two widely known influencers have clearly established an audience of their own and are most likely trying to find unique ways channel their brand in other areas. However I do find it interesting they have shown interest in boxing since Paul's two KO's. Is this a coincidence or a genius marketing strategy?

As stated earlier, influencers are becoming more like independent media companies as they hold millions of followers and garnering hundreds of thousands of likes a day. They have the power to create an extra stream of revenue within minutes.  So going into boxing or other sports while using their YouTube and Tiktok as a way to promote highlights may not seem irrational after all. In fact,  digital media and sports will be the "yin and yang" for the majority of these creators. 

Lately, Bryce and Tayler have been known to not get along with youtuber Stromedy, after he made diss tracks about the stars(specifically Tayler) as well as mocking them on his IG post. After a confrontation at a local steakhouse in LA, the TikTokers vs Youtuber feud was evident. It's hard to tell if this was a publicity stunt to jump start these promising creators into becoming boxers but overall it definitely sparked some attention. Although it's unknown how much Tayler will be making in his upcoming fight, Bryce Hall will be breaking the bank as he's getting $5M, 4% of pay-per-view sales, and a potential $1M knockout bonus.

It's fair to anticipate these creators(especially Bryce) will also make a few extra dollars on their other social channels leading up to the event as well. Because of this, there is no such thing as an athlete, or celebrity "staying in their lane" anymore. If you were a popular creator, you would do the same. The influencer boxing industry is booming, with Jake Paul & Triller leading the way and more creators diving in.