Harry Should Host A Celebrity Rugby Tournament

Image Credit via Getty Images
This past week I had the privilege of interviewing entrepreneur and influencer, Harry Jowsey. You may know him from the hit Netflix series Too Hot To Handle, his TikTok's with Tana Mongeau , or his affiliations with other top celebrities but Harry is also a former Rugby player as well. The Australian native grew up playing the sport and mentioned his love for the game during our conversation. The topic came up after a discussion about his interest in getting involved with celebrity boxing and although he's opened to the idea, he's unsure if it's for him. I then suggested an alternative for him, hosting a celebrity rugby league and he actually seemed to be fond of the concept. 
Let me explain why this is a great opportunity not just for Harry, but for the sport in general. Rugby is clearly a beloved sport from an international level, but most Americans have NO idea how the game is played. So what if there was a stepping stone for the younger generation to become interested? I think Harry could potentially be a bridge for this gap if he got fellow influencers and celebrities involved in league with him acting as the pioneer of the sport. This might sound like nonsense, but his circle consists of other reputable personalities with extremely large social followings and could do to a great job publicizing events to an international scale. In general, Harry has a bunch of projects he's working on but I think this could potentially be just another purposeful idea to add to his arsenal especially with the recent success of celebrity boxing.