Herro and Harlow Take Over Rolling Loud

Image via Hip-Hop Lately
Yesterday was the last day of rolling loud Miami, and it may have included the most iconic performance so far this year. Jack Harlow, the hip-hop phenom, has taken the world by storm these past twelve months. Due to the pandemic, there haven't been too many opportunities for him to go live in front of a MASSIVE crowd and today was the day for him to just that. And did he ever. The icon brought out his best friend and comedian Druski as well as NBA star, Tyler Herro. If you don't remember, Harlow dropped a singled named after Tyler a few months back and it was a huge hit. It immediately brought the rap and NBA community together and became a fan favorite. So it was only appropriate that Herro, who plays the Miami Heat, made an appearance on the stage. This article is brief, but this moment will go down as one of the most legendary live performances in rap history. After one year of fans playing Harlow's projects on repeat, he lived up to some epic expectations and he continues to impress. Let's see what other creative collaborations Jack and Tyler have in store!