How Emily Zugay Has Convinced NFL Teams To Change Their Logo

(Image via Emily Zugay TikTok)
Emily Zugay is just two years out of college but has taken over TikTok app  storm. The full time artist sells detailed drawings and portraits for a living, but little did she know her social media stardom would take control. In our interview conducted, Emily stated she has always had a passion for art but as the years went on she became more interested in 2D animation specifically. With the pandemic hitting upon her graduation in 2019, she decided to take matters into her own hands and decided to continue focusing on her small business as well as creating content YouTube. At the time, Zugay would post comedic videos on her channel but after posting every week for one year... results weren't impressive. With the rise of TikTok becoming more relevant amongst Gen Z's, Zugay shifted her focus to the platform and with her background in animation she eventually decided to suggest logo adjustments for popular brands. Her stoic yet goofy sense of humor appealed to a large audience and eventually got the recognition of an NFL team, the Detroit Lions. Zugay mentioned the organization was one of the big brands that commented on her videos early on and stayed in touch with. With the Lions consistently asking Zugay to do logo for them, a suggestion was finally presented. And it wasn't just a brand change , it was a name change as well...the Detroit Lines. TikTok went crazy as the video went viral and the Lions actually implemented her feedback, selling T-Shirts that say "Detroit Lines" on the front. Even the players love it! Emily stated she continues to do this all from her living room and is extremely appreciative of the support from the Lions and other big brands. So, will this logo suggestion surge Detroit to the super bowl in near future? We sure hope so.