How Much Does JuJu Smith-Schuster Make Off TikTok?

Image via JuJu Smith-Schuster TikTok
When we think about content creators, we think of Addison Rae, Charli D'Amelio, David Dobrik, or even the Paul brothers. But there are plenty of professional athletes that are quietly involved in the social media space including Steelers star wideout, JuJu Smith-Schuster. If you remember, Schuster was getting backlash for dancing on opponents logos prior to the start of each game last season. Commentators and fans criticizing his actions calling him silly. But what people don't know, is the pro bowl WR is actually a marketing guru off the field as he announced he made $2M just on TikTok alone last season. Maybe all those renegade dances weren't so weird after all. And with the platform becoming more mainstream and the funding for creators surging, JuJu could break the bank again for the 2021 season as well. In the past we've seen him collaborate with Juice Wrld(RIP), as well as with serial entrepreneur Jordan Belfort. He's made his presence known and it's led to opportunities outside of TikTok as well, most notably twitch. A few years back he played Fortnite with Ninja and Drake which seemingly broke the internet. After that, he seemed be a regular gamer. Last season he admitted to making just 100k off one stream... for watching Thursday night football. Between his impressive football career and his growing social presence... safe to say JuJu is currently one of the most marketable players in all of sports.