How Simone Biles Prepared Herself for the Tokyo Olympics By Brooke Wallace

Picture from her instagram @simonebiles 
In a recent interview with Glamour, five-time Olympic medalist Simone Biles reveals what her experience in quarantine was like and how it affected her training for the Tokyo Olympics. The summer Olympics were supposed to be held in 2020 but were delayed due to the pandemic. Biles felt frustrated and angry that she couldn't compete last year after the rigorous training she endured and was frustrated at the idea of having to train for another year to stay in shape for the games. She revealed that there were times when she felt like quitting, but she worked too hard and sacrificed too much to give up. Luckily, she continued to train and in her first competition in 2021 she became first woman in history to perform the Yurchenko double pike in a competition, which is notorious for being one of the most difficult vaults.

In order to be at her best, she not only focused on her physical wellbeing but also her mental wellbeing. She took time to find the balance between working at the gym and working on herself. She likes to unwind by taking Dr. Teal's baths, being with her boyfriend Jonathen Owens, playing with her two dogs, and finding hobbies. During quarantine she started learning things about how to do her hair, makeup, and nails. In the interview she states, "I'm just really trying to find who I am." Biles also plans to help other female gymnasts in their journey to find themselves when she takes over the post-Olympics gymnastics tour. Her Gold over America Tour (GOAT) will be an all-girl tour for women' empowerment. She describes her goals for this tour as an opportunity to keep the ball rolling on women speaking out on issues and to have them, "Feel happy, and find their love of gymnastics again." Members of the GOAT team include Jordan Chiles, Danusia Francis, Laurie Hernandez, Morgan Hurd, Peng-Peng Lee, and Katelyn Ohashi.