How Vincent Gigante & Sam Kelly Could Influence The Sport Of Boxing

 (Via Vincent Gigante IG)

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing arguably the most popular couple on TikTok, Vincent Gigante and Sam Kelly. The two comic's are known for their hilarious skits and conversations and have accumulated millions of views on the platform. Their road to stardom has accelerated over the past year or so but there's another space that they could potentially make moves in...boxing. Yes, I know this might sound mainstream and it seems every "Tiktoker" is trying to get into the sport after seeing the success the Paul brothers have had the last few months. However, I think these two could put an interesting perspective about what its like fighting in the ring and here's why. After asking Vin what sports he used to be involved in, one of them was boxing. He was enthused when asked about getting in the ring saying he would fight "anyone they give me".  When asked who he would like to fight he couldn't pin point anyone specifically. So I brought up SteveWillDoIt, considering both of them enjoy pranks and have shown interest in the sport and as Vin all for it. As for Sam, she admitted she didn't have too much interest in sports but she could clearly play major part as well. With Vin fighting in the ring, Sam could document using her hilarious commentary and unique vlogging style. It would make great content and I know fans would love to see what she actually thinks of him fighting. And this could be for any sport, maybe even soccer (listen to new podcast for context). Regardless, it's exciting to see what's in store for these two as the opportunities are endless whether it's on TikTok, vlogging, or other business ventures they may go into... the future is bright for the both of them.