Hugh Hefner & Jerry Buss Were Close Friends

Image via the Huffington Post

Back in 2013, Hugh Hefner was asked by ESPN Los Angeles to reminisce on his friendship with Dr. Jerry Buss. We take a look back on this interview.

The founder behind Playboy magazine remembered Buss as a "extremely dear and exceptionally unique" man in his meeting with Max and Marcellus. Hefner said that Buss brought the energy of Hollywood into the sport, and that is one reason the Lakers were fruitful.

In this interview awhile back, Hefner was asked if Dr. Buss was Playboy and he answered:

“He, as I have tried to do over the years, defied the limitations in terms of age and it was more than simply — he was young for his years and he had as many female friends as males, but he had a great many male friends, too,” said Hefner.

Additionally, Hefner proceeded to say in the interview that their normal companionship was not in light of business, or b-ball, but rather their passion for networking.

“The common connection was the socializing, and as I said before, I don't remember how exactly we met, but I think it was probably at a Playboy party and we threw a lot of them and he was at a lot of them."

It was believed that Hefner invited Buss to Playboy mansion parties in exchange for box seats at Lakers games. Safe to these are two legends that will live on forever.