If Possible, Barstool Should Capitalize On This Opportunity…

Image via New York Post

Barstool Sports has been a pioneer within the content creating industry for the past decade now. Whether its producing blogs, podcasts, vlogs, or even hosting events they have always been ahead of the curve. But what if I told you, they were missing out on a key opportunity?

Over the past six months a new trend has evolved as influencers have been eager to hop in the boxing ring with other popular creators. With the platforms like TikTok and Instagram continuously taking over the social media age, it makes sense that fans want to see these personalities, and rising celebrities, in the ring. There is big money to be made in this space and an invested audience for it. Barstool has done a great job keeping up with the latest trend especially with the addition of their new podcast, BFF’s, which features Dave Portnoy and TikTok star Josh Richards staying up to date with the latest news in pop culture. The two of them have established a podcast that seems to be in the middle of all the drama circulating social media. However, Call Her Daddy, was the most popular podcast under the brand prior to BFF’s and with the show leaving for Spotify… they lose a very large audience that comes with it.

If you remember towards the end of last year, former hosts of the female driven podcast Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn got in a feud which hinted the end of the show being under barstool. It seemed to be a complicated situation but ultimately the two girls split after Sofia decided to leave Barstool while Alex decided to stay with the company for one year. Just a few weeks ago she announced her split and signed a new contract with Spotify worth reportedly upwards of $60M. But a divorce from Barstool may not be complete as the NY based company could stay relevant by hosting a PPV event and why they should do ANYTHING they can to have Alex & Sofia to agree to jump in the ring. This can spark many things for the company, 1. Establish a relationship with influencers interested of fighting, 2. Why they are the most relevant news company in this specific space (over showtime etc), 3. Accelerate growth of BFF’s and have same hosts in show broadcast event, 4.Retain the female demographic the company had with CHD 5. Promote sports betting prior to event.

Barstool has hosted fighting events under the brand, Rough N’ Rowdy, so certainly have experience in hosting. In my opinion they should rebrand Rough N’ Rowdy and have the influencers headline the fight rather than an outside name. For instance, “Alex vs Sofia presented by Barstool Sports” will likely drive more attention than “Fight Night” as we have seen personal branding drive most of the attention lately and audiences become more emotionally attached to these internet personalities than ever before. This massive headline will only spark more opportunities to host more events. As for Alex and Sofia, well they will be the biggest winners. Alex will make quite the final exit with the company and get paid a massive bag while also creating a new source of revenue for herself if she wanted. With Sofia, she has been quite quiet this past year and seems to be determined to be an independent creator and build her own empire. However, she has not spoken out about last years drama and what better way for her to resurrect her personal/business than this fight. I am probably not the only one with this idea, but if Barstool capitalizes and broadcasts these events, they have a chance to have a complete monopoly over celebrity boxing matchups long term… and potentially reach a multi-billion-dollar evaluation someday.