It’s “COMEBACKSZN” for Johnny Manziel as he’s set to play in new football league By Ryan Kelsey

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Football journeyman, Johnny Manziel has announced that he has agreed to play in a brand new startup football league called Fan Controlled Football (FCF). According to ESPN, this new football league is scheduled to begin gameplay in February but offers a different approach as instead of the typical 11 vs. 11 player format, the league will be played in a 7 vs. 7 format instead. Hence the name, “Fan Controlled Football,” the league offers an unique approach for fans as they are the ones who get to set the football rosters and call the plays. CEO of the FCF, Sohrob Farudi, noted how “The league will place a heavy emphasis on connecting fans with the players' lives away from the field, via social media or other digital integration, making it ‘built for a guy like’ Manziel.”

The league will start with four teams who will play a six-week schedule, and can be watched live through the streaming platform, Twitch. Manziel, the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner who played quarterback at Texas A&M, has been no stranger to the media spotlight as he has made headline after headline from his time in both the collegiate level with his signature throwing money touchdown celebration, to videos of him out and about partying with stacks of money in his hand. Despite all of the attention that Manziel has created for himself, the Cleveland Browns decided to draft the gunslinger in the first-round of the 2014 NFL Draft, but ended up releasing him in 2016 after just two seasons with the team. Manziel then did not play for a football team until he decided to take his talents to the Canadian Football League and played for both the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and then the Montreal Alouettes.



After a brief time of playing in the CFL, Manziel went on to play in the Alliance of American Football for the Memphis Express. Unfortunately, the AAF league failed and after only eight-weeks of gameplay in a season which was supposed to have 10-weeks and playoffs, the league filed for bankruptcy and the season never finished. Now, Johnny Manziel has yet another chance to play football when the league kicks off next month, and as Manziel’s trademark’s “COMEBACKSZN” for the 28 year-old polarizing star.