Jake Paul vs Pete Davidson By Kevin Larney

(Image via Bustle)
It's been one week since Jake Paul KO'd the amateur wrestler, Ben Askren. The hype leading up to the fight was quite entertaining. Whether it was the constant slander the two shared with one another on social media or the infamous press conference that included Askren aggressively stiffing his hand in Paul's face, this was clearly a highly anticipated matchup. It's fair to say Triller did a fairly good job selling this matchup, considering it generated over $75M in PPV sales. The event was crammed with A- List celebrities at attendance including Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Addison Rae, Jack Harlow, the D'amelio sisters and more. However, there was one icon that seemed to be in the middle of the Paul/Askren feud. He goes by the name Pete Davidson. Have you heard of him? The beloved SNL comedian seemed to spice things up minutes before the event during his two interviews. But Pete was criticized to be "two-faced" during the broadcast as he roasted both fighters behind their backs. Fans seemed to love these untraditional interviews but Jake Paul certainly did not appreciate the jokes being made. Davidson was poking fun at Jake's recent allegations as well as calling him a "bad influence" on the younger generation. Jake later hopped on his brothers popular podcast, Impaulsive, voicing his real opinions on the manner quoting, "F*** That Guy!" Jake stated that it was his idea to have Pete help host the event but emphasized the SNL icon will not be hosting another one of his events anytime soon. Davidson admitted earlier this week that he strongly dislikes the former Disney channel star. Personally, Davidson being "two-faced" or roasting the two boxers behind their backs seemed to be for pure amusement. However, mentioning allegations that are clearly a sensitive topic, did not seem to be appropriate at that time.  Please understand, I am not disregarding the seriousness of this issue, I just don't understand how it was relevant to the upcoming fight. I was actually surprised how well Jake composed himself during those comments being made. So... despite this backlash being arguably the most entertaining part of the night, did Davidson cross the line last Saturday or was this something that Jake Paul should have expected from the comedian?