Jay-Z Spotted at Patriots Game; Meets Josh Allen

Image via Patriots Reddit


On Thursday night, at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, the Buffalo Bills defeated the New England Patriots by a score of 24-10, becoming the first team they won against in AFC East this year.

Josh Allen made NFL history by becoming the first player to have three seasons with 25 throwing touchdowns and five rushing touchdowns, and just when you'd think hip-hop icon Jay-Z would want to congratulate him...he was looking for WR Gabe Davis. Josh Allen awkwardly ran into the business mogul while leaving the locker room for post game interviews when the Jay-Z was asking to see Davis. Allen said he didnt even think Jay-Z knew he was... but I doubt that after the season he's been having.

Jay-Z was sitting in a private suite with friend and owner of patriots, Robert Kraft.