Jeff Hamilton & Team Pay Tribute To Kobe In a Special Way

Image Courtesy of JPM Group
Over 20 years ago, Kobe Bryant won his first ring with the Los Angeles Lakers. To this day, images of him sporting an iconic one-of-a-kind leather jacket still circulate and play a huge part in the remembrance of the NBA super star.  But who is the man responsible for designing Kobe's favorite piece of art that has ultimately turned to be a staple in NBA history? You can thank fashion designer & entrepreneur, Jeff Hamilton, for creating jackets for our favorite athletes. 

Via Jeff Hamilton IG

Jeff's career took off in the early 90's as he held licensing deals with every major professional sports league and soon became a symbolic & celebratory piece for even worlds most influential figures including Michael Jackson, Madonna, Mike Tyson, George Michael, Muhammed Ali and more. But Jeff has admitted his connection to Kobe in particular has had a special impact on him personally as he designed custom jackets for the LA Legend in 2000, 2001, 2002, and even in 2010 for his final championship.
Now Jeff and his team are on a new quest... to continue Kobe's legacy and raise money for the Mamba & Mambacita Foundation which is a non-profit organization founded in loving memory of both Kobe & his daughter, Gigi. Now Jeff and his partner James Peter Henry have collaborated with CL7, one of the worlds largest private NFT collectors, to do just that in founding "The Legacy Collection". The collection is centered around James Peter Henry's authentic painting that pays tribute to Kobe & Gigi and soon inspired Jeff to create a 1/1 jacket from his art. This then stemmed to creating multiple digital jackets on Nifty Gateway marketplace where one lucky holder can purchase and have chance to win the beloved leather jacket.  Collectors of this digital asset will also receive priority to place bids on the original, "Immortality" painting and physical PROTO Hologram. Ultimately James, Jeff & CL7 share the same vision despite their unique talents which is to create the largest Web3 community consisting of Kobe fanatics and others that share the same mamba mentality. Safe to say Jeff's relationship to Kobe is one that will forever stay close to his heart and is motivated to share James Peter Henry's work as it provides a deeper meaning to their personal connection with the NBA Legend.