Kanye West a Sports Icon

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The famous and well-known artist Kanye West, also known as "Ye," is an amazing American rapper. He is doing astounding work in the music industry. Along with the rapping, West is seemingly into sports. West loves to play football and has clever skills in that area. He also appears in NBA games of basketball. Below is recap where we cover all aspects of West's relationship with sports, his friendly relationship with Kobe, and most recently, his son playing catch with Tom Brady. 

 So let’s get into it.

Kanye West In Sports Stadium Atlanta 

Recently, West founded Sports Stadium Atlanta for his new music album "Donda". In fact, he moved into Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. According to a news source, West was seen at a football game in an Atlanta stadium wearing a red outfit for his listening party.

He has so much love for sports that it is heard through his music lyrics. In his music, Jay Z has collaborated with him, like he also collaborated last with Drak in his 2016 pop style of the year. One of his lyrics from his discography for athletes.

Revolution isn't a game, it's another name for life-fighting someone to stay in the corner like Mike Tyson-My Way Home (Late Registration).

 Kanye West With Kobe Bryant? 


Friends in high places, yes, Kanye West and Kobe Bryant are friends in sports and elsewhere. Kobe was most notably known as the "Kobe System". He was a basketball star. West and Bryant had amazing memories with their friends. Unfortunately, Kobe left us in a horrible helicopter crash. 

 West calls himself the "LeBron of rhyme." In remembrance of their friend, "Kobe Bryant". 

 When they have their photo album inside their groove, West misses him a lot. We were on the court and played ball when I had time to spare with him. Kobe is one of his team's champions. He is a game-changer indeed. 

 West and Bryant both appeared in the commercials for the basketball star’s life. In fact, in 2018, Bryant was most criticized in favor of the west for its slavery assumptions, so he distanced himself from the west. After the passing of Bryant, West said in his interview with GQ, "Bryant was one of my best friends ever."

Kanye West with Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is an American football quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League. He is the most awaited personality on the football field by the audience. West and Brady are fond most of the time. Recently, Tom Brady was found with Saint West, son of Kanye West, while playing catch. West is frequently seen with Brady on Buccaneer’s game shows.

Saint West loves to play games like baseball and football. Kayne West takes him to many visits due to his eldest position. West recently shared a black and white photo on his Instagram of himself playing a ball in a suit room privately.



In a nutshell, the leading American musician has an avital personality. He maintains his interest in many things that piqued his interest, such as a piece of music composed for athletes and a nice personality with big players.