Kevin Costner Returns To Field Of Dreams

Last night was an historic night for the sport of baseball. The New York Yankee's took on the Chicago White Sox in Iowa's first ever MLB game. To top it off, White Sox SS Tim Anderson finished off the game in style, launching a walk off homerun into the corn fields. But despite how competitive the game actually was, the narrative behind the night was even better. For those who are baseball fanatics, you know of the movie "Field of Dreams" and how iconic the film is in the world of sports. A brief summary, the movie is based off of a couple in Iowa who are struggling to pay rent and are on the brink of foreclosure as the land they own is too valuable. Ray Kinsella, is played by Costner, and receives an inner voice to build a baseball field with the valuable land he owns. However when he builds the field, he comes to realize baseball legends come back to life and play ball on his latest project. When they finish playing, players disappear in the fields until the day ends and it becomes a big mystery throughout the entire film. With this plot in mind, Costner returns to a replica of the field of dreams located in Iowa and it only seemed appropriate for him to throw the first pitch. When asked about the field, Costner admitted everything was perfect. The pregame ritual's were also fitting, as players of each team arise out of the corn field to shake Costner's hand. This is a night baseball fans won't forget. Lets get hyped for the rest of this weekend!