"Let It Go" Music Video Review

Via Justin Bieber IG
This past week, DJ Khaled released the "Let It Go" music video playing golf with Justin Bieber and 21 Savage which was intended to pay tribute to Happy Gilmore.
After listening to the lyrics, I don't quite understand how it has any relevance to the game golf or Adam Sandler's iconic role, however DJ Khaled has always seemed to have spontaneous ideas where you don't know what happens next.
In the beginning of the video, it seems Bieber is the caddy for Khaled until he gets the opportunity to play a hole, where he discovers he has a natural at the game. The video then transitions to Bieber playing in a tournament where he reps the Toronto Maple Leafs jersey reading "Gilmour" on the back and Khaled playing his mentor. When they show up to their tee time, they notice 21 Savage makes an impressive putt on the green and position the video to create a similar McGavin/Gilmore- like rivalry . Throughout the day, Bieber (Gilmore) and Savage(McGavin) go to head to head with each other as Khaled(Chubbs) spectates in the golf cart.  To conclude the end of the song, Khaled tackles an alligator that lays in the middle of the course. This piece seemed to hint a metaphor that Chubbs will longer let his fear of gator's ruin his or anyone else's day. Overall the cut seems pretty random but that's how interpreted it....definitely going out a limb.
Although I have no idea how the lyrics of this song resonates with Happy Gilmore, it seems to have paid off for the trio and was documented well. I personally would love to hear the original cast members opinions on this "remake". If it's positive, we could see more artists base their music videos off their favorite childhood sports films in the near future.
Grade(strictly on creativity): A-