Lil Wayne & The Green Bay Packers

Image via Packers Twitter


Lil Wayne is a Packers fan, which is pretty widely known, but not many people probably realized why until now.

But there's more of a backstory as to why he supports the Packers. Super Bowl XXXI in New Orleans marks the beginning of this tale in 1997. Wayne claims that his father went to the game despite not knowing anything about either team or the game itself.

"Towels and all that (crap) don't get hung up or affixed to walls when you come from the hood. That's put to use. Consequently, I truly used the Green Bay towel, Green Bay cup, and Green Bay bowl every day" Wayne shared in a video interview with TMJ4 Milwaukee.

Even though most kids didn't even know who the Packers were, Wayne claimed to be the only student who liked them.