Maple Leafs Wear Bruins Colors To Try and Win a Round By Shaun Petipas



Around the NHL teams are allowed to have an alternate jersey that the team can wear at home instead of their normal home sweaters. The Toronto Maple Leafs did something interesting with their newly unveiled jerseys and that is that they teamed up with HUGE Maple Leafs fans Justin Bieber and the Drew House. 

With this collaboration it is one of the most unique sweaters in the game with a reversible design. The Maple Leafs have tried other jerseys but none of them have really caught on and they haven’t been as talked about as these new ones. This is the Leafs 15th attempt at an alternate jersey that could work. The first design is a typical Maple Leafs with the blue stripes and blue logo while the rest is black. The logo is enlarged and in the blue stripes on the arms you can see the toronto skyline. It is actually a very clean design and one that I think fans can be excited about. But it’s not that side of the sweater that has fan talking. The reversible side reveals a black and gold alternate which got some fans scratching their heads. Why would they want black and gold sweaters? 

You may think that the black and gold is a tribute to Justin Bieber and his brand the Drew House as his colors are black and gold. It is a great cover-up by the Leafs and Bieber as clearly the real reason why they are wearing black and gold is to try and get out of the first round of the playoffs. It makes perfect sense, the Maple Leafs haven’t been able to make it out of the first round of the playoffs since 2004 and they are trying to steal the Bruins mojo to finally make it to the second round. The Maple Leafs are desperate and haven’t beat the Bruins in the playoffs since 1959 so they are going to try everything to get some momentum.

While the Maple Leafs try to figure out new jersey combinations there is something a little bigger for them to focus on. Since January the Maple Leafs and the Tampa Bay Lightning had a comfortable lead over the Bruins in the wildcard spot. Now as the standings read today the Bruins are second in the division and the Leafs are fighting to get out of the wildcard spot. Bieber’s new black and gold sweaters might already be a tough sell in Toronto but now with the Maple Leafs leap frogged by the Bruins it might be nearly impossible to sell those. Should be a very interesting end of the season for all teams in this extremely tight division.