Miami Heat Receive Locker Room Visit From Sandler & Schneider

Image via Allen Berezovsky


Thursday night was a big one for the Miami Heat. The Heat received a visit from two comedy legends in the locker room following their 117-112 overtime victory over the Charlotte Hornets.

While on his comedy tour in Florida, Sandler and Schneider attended the close game in Miami. After defeating the Hornets on Friday, the Heat shared a video of Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider visiting the squad. The two comedians interacted with the athletes and enjoyed all the celebrations following the game.

Even the iconic "You can do it!" line from "The Waterboy" was uttered by Schneider.

The heat were able to break a game 2 game losing streak that night ao with them being 5-7 in the Eastern Conference, they may have to recruit these two legends for more games.