Michael B. Jordan Tight With Kyrie?

Via Just Jared.com

Brooklyn Nets hotshot Kyrie Irving is an enormous Michael Jordan fan. Irving found out about Jordan's most recent bands project, the Hoop Dreams Classic, and the Nets point monitor shared his excitement about it through Instagram story saying "OH WORD!!??". Jordan's camp declared they were sending off this new ball drive in 2020 planned to exhibit Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and their separate b-ball programs. The "Black Panther" entertainer shared what spurred him to begin said: “This past year has been the tipping point for so many, including myself, in revving up support for Black people,” Jordan said in a statement, via Michael LoRe of Forbes. “As a Newark native, I am committed to bringing change to the community and am honored to be able to present The Hoop Dreams Classic as a way to celebrate the value of community, education, and Black college experiences. Through our shared love of basketball, I look forward to bringing the communal spirit of HBCUs to the city that helped shape me into the man I am today.” Irving himself has been a big fan of the Black Lives Matter development, so it does not shock anyone that he's amicable with Jordan and his most recent undertaking. We'll see if we see Michael B. Jordan show out courtside to support the all-star point in this gritty playoff series against the Boston Celtics.