My Overall Thoughts On Kane Trujillo aka Neumane By Kevin Larney

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to interview TikTok icon, Kane Trujillo. If you're on TikTok you know of Kane aka Neumane for hilarious skits. However, these couple months have been tough for the icon as he's been criticized for stealing other creators content and not giving credit. He's admitted to his actions multiple times unapologetically and many individuals on the app have been livid over it. May sound pretty pathetic right? But after chatting with Kane, he communicated to me that he is "just playing the game" and is simply just trying to get more clicks, even if his content is unoriginal. He also told me that his views have gone up since this controversy as he gets thousands of negative comments which apparently only helps a posts performance in the TikTok algorithm. He also stated there are SO many people that copy content and when one posts on the internet they are sharing to the public for a reason. The point is, this all intentional and the 21 year old is more self aware and strategic than people think. Whether you agree with Kane or not, he's created quite the narrative for himself which has now led a boxing match against the rapper BlueFace this month. So yes, although Kane is one of the more ridiculed individuals in the social media space, he's all about business. Neumane is clearly portrayed as the villain of TikTok but in reality he's just playing the game and will likely only propel his career if he continues this behavior. Trust me...this dude knows what he's doing.