My Thoughts On The Fight Last Night By Kevin Larney

Image via Logan Paul IG
Where do I start... last night was quite the star-studded event. Before the introductions celebrities including Jake Paul, Paul Pierce, Fat Joe, Terrell Owens, and Antonio Brown all flashed their excitement in front cameras. Following this, Migos performs in front of the lively crowd while Moneybagg Yo walked out of the tunnel with Floyd Mayweather flexing his new jacket made with 100% alligator skin. But perhaps one of the bigger storylines of the night was Logan Paul's entrance into the ring, as the social media star wore a necklace that sported a BGS 10 first edition Pokemon Charizard card. Commentators were initially mocking the icon for his style but then realized the estimated cards value is upwards $1M and has been Paul's "good luck charm" for quite some time now.
After the pre-fight festivities, Floyd & Logan begin round one of the highly anticipated matchup. Logan came out with a strong offensive performance and was already seemingly dominating the undefeated champ. However if you follow boxing, you know what makes Floyd arguably the greatest fighter of all time is his discipline and his ability to be so great defensively, not his offensive ability. And it showed, as after those first couple rounds, Logan looked EXHAUSTED and Mayweather had total control over his opponent. Surprisingly, Logan was able to hang all 8 rounds and go the distance proving that he can compete with the best. The match ended in a draw but don't let the results fool you... this was a pretty entertaining matchup.
Going into this fight, I honestly believed team Maverick had NO chance of beating/challenging pretty boy Floyd despite being 50 pounds heavier and a few inches taller. However, Paul proved me wrong and I was impressed with his performance. Yes Floyd is older, shorter, and lighter than Logan but he's also extremely more experienced than the influencer. Not many pros would've been able to challenge or even have the audacity to challenge Floyd, so respect to Logan, "The Youtuber", for getting into the ring... in my opinion he won just for that.
As for Floyd, it clearly wasn't his most flashy performance and quite honestly he seemed to have full energy when leaving hard rock stadium. I personally feel his goal was to make this a competitive matchup and quickly leave with the bag of cash. Floyd knew he was better than Logan but this was simply a business decision on his end. After this fight, he has accumulated a total of $1B over the course of his career and remained undefeated. In the press conference, Floyd admitted he has no interest whatsoever to return to boxing after last night. Safe to say one of the greatest to ever do it might be hanging up the gloves.
Overall, it's clear that more influencers and celebrities could get into the ring with the Paul brothers pioneering the way. Chances are influencers fighting could bring in more revenue than actual professionals. Not because they are more qualified, but because they already have such large audiences that would be engaged in PPV. On top of that, these creators are all about producing content, which essentially is what a fight brings. This is really just another source of revenue for them and a way to diversify their personal they really don't have much to lose. It should be interesting to see what the future has in store, but this fight will certainly go down in history with the overlap of sports/entertainment continuing.