Nathan Fielder Was Not Happy With Mets Last Night

Nathan Fielder, "Nathan For You Star, Attends New York Mets Wild Card GameImage via

Max Scherzer, who the NY Mets acquired in an expensive contract during the offseason, failed to lead his club to victory in Friday night's Wild Card game, leaving disappointed fans at Citi Field and at home.

The 38-year-old gave up seven runs on four home runs during the first five innings. The Mets ultimately suffered a six-run defeat.

Nathan Fielder, a comedian, was one among the numerous spectators at Citi Field. The Comedy Central program Nathan for You and the HBO Max program The Rehearsal are Fielder's most well-known works as both director and star. However, fielder's reaction was an accurate representation of how Mets nation felt last night. Lets see how they fair tonight against the Padres.