NBA Star, Jaren Jackson's Fur Coats are Iconic

Jaren Jackson Wearing Kobe Tee

Image via Jaren Jackson IG


Jaren Jackson has a wide range of tunnel fits. His pregame looks are accentuated by leather, bold prints, and blinged-out choker necklaces. In between games, he'll post a pair of $1,200 Gallery Dept. jeans, a faux fur coat, and some exclusive Dunks to his Instagram.

In an interview with SLAM Magazine last year he shared “You’re supposed to talk with clothes. I’m just trying to dress to let other people know they can wear whatever they want. That’s really the goal. This is the best quote in the world and it’s by me: Clothes are amazing because they don’t speak. That’s why I love clothes.”

Speaking of journeys, the Virgil Abloh (rest in peace) and Ian Connor-inspired hooper teases that his runway shows will soon be moving from NBA arenas to the global stage. With more athletes expressing themselves through their outfits, look out for Jaren Jackson to be a staple in future projects.