Neumane vs Blueface Preview

Image Via Get India News
Awhile back we interviewed TikTok phenom, Kane Trujillo aka Neumane. It's been a month since we last conducted the interviewed and he spilled all the tea on why he's fighting Blueface July 23rd. If you don't know Kane, his content has grown quite popular over the past 6 months or so as he continuously puts out hilarious comedic skits. However controversy broke out about him stealing content ideas which only surged his viewership. After becoming a household name on the platform, the 21 year takes his talents to the ring and hopes to diversify that likeness in other areas as well. When I asked him why he wanted to fight, he responded with "everyone is trying to get into boxing... especially seeing the money that is being made." Despite only training a couple weeks prior to the show, Kane said he's ready and excited to face Blueface. Blueface has expressed his love for fighting stating he used to fight in the street fights growing up. He's hoping to use this fight as a stepping stone into his career. So who will win, Kane or Blueface? In opinion, its a win-win for both of them as they grow their social following and grab a quick bag. In general though, I think this could be a good match.