Owners and Egos By John Brecko

Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

Dak Prescott was not given his big money contract until the last minute it could be given to him before walking away from the Dallas Cowboys. Patrick Ewing is being bothered by security in Madison Square Garden during New York Knicks games. Before Patrick Ewing was being bothered by security in Madison Square Garden, Spike Lee was being bothered by that same security.

The reason why these situations are happening is because these rich boys are focused on their egos instead of their teams.

Jerry Jones’s team has won two playoff games in 25 years. James Dolan’s team has not won a championship in nearly half a century, meaning no championships have been won during his multi-decade tenure.

Part of the reason for both of these teams going through the struggles that they have gone through is because these two owners cannot get out of their own way.

Dak Prescott would have walked away if he did not get his long-term deal from the Dallas Cowboys. The reason why Jerry Jones made him the second highest player in the NFL was because he knew Dak Prescott would walk away otherwise. Jerry Jones knew the media would have criticized him and his ego simply would not be able to stand something like that.

Dak Prescott has proven that he is a great quarterback over the past few years. He led the Cowboys to a 13-3 record in his rookie year and proved he had nearly limitless talent. The team’s record has not been as great since then, but Dak has still managed to put up stellar numbers. Everyone who is a football fan saw that the Cowboys were not a very good team this year (for the majority of the season, they were absolutely horrendous).

Dak Prescott managed to keep that horrendous team above water until going down with an ankle injury.

Jerry Jones does not want to pay Dak Prescott $40 million a year. To be honest, as great as Dak is, he is not worth that much money. Deshaun Watson is making $39 million a year. Who would argue that Dak is better than Deshaun? I’ll wait….


….That’s what I thought.

At best, Dak Prescott is worth $35 million a year. There are multiple reasons for this. He is not worth $35 million a year because of his stats alone. He is also worth that much because of his leadership both on and off the field. It was headline news in Dallas when Dak Prescott missed PRACTICE. He did not miss a game. He missed a practice.

Leaders are the ones that are held under microscopes and heavily scrutinized by others outside of the particular group they are leading, because when people watch someone closely, it means they have expectations. Leaders can be good or bad, but you believe that Dak Prescott is not a good leader, watch the first half of this season over again because you will see how the Cowboys fell apart without their starting quarterback.

Then…we have James Dolan. “Mr. I believe if we draft tall people, we will win” himself. Dolan has put some of the greatest Knicks players and brand ambassadors through problems that they should have never been made to go through. There have been examples such as Charles Oakley and Spike Lee in the past. Recently, Patrick Ewing has had to go through problems with the organization because “he did not have a pass” or “he did not come into the doors he was supposed to come in through” (it does not matter; it’s Patrick Ewing).

Even Patrick Ewing came out and said “everybody should know who the hell I am”. James Dolan knows who Patrick Ewing is. He was just unable to keep his billionaire ego in check Patrick Ewing with the respect he deserves.

These are just two recent examples of ego from owners and how it gets in a team’s way. They may own a franchise that they help market effectively. However, the less we hear from them and about them, the better off the team is.