Reflecting On KG Retirement & Role In Uncut Gems

Image via Uncut Gems

Yesterday, former NBA super star Kevin Garnett had his number hanged up in the rafters at TD Garden. Was quite the epic ceremony, with Paul Pierce and even fellow teammate Ray Allen in attendance. In 2013, Ray Allen left the Boston Celtics big 3 in free agency to join Lebron James and the conference rival the Miami Heat. It has been reported throughout the years, the chemistry between the 3 stars hasn't been the same.  But the beef seems to have been squashed as the three-point champion was there to support KG. If you're a Celtic fan, yesterday was a good day.


KG was one the most prolific scorers in NBA history, but his transition off the court has also been quite impressive as well. The thing that surprised most fans was his impressive role in the award winning film, Uncut Gems, where he co-stars comedy phenom Adam Sandler. KG plays as himself in the film, where he meets a jeweler who holds a rare Ethiopian gem worth fortunes and is convinced this precious object is his good luck charm during crucial games.  Most athletes don't have much success in Hollywood and don't have a history to be taken seriously in dramas. But KG's performance was very convincing and some speculated him to be nominated for an Oscar. This movie is still being talked about to this day and even the legendary NBA star is in consideration to be one of Adam Sandler's best supporting actor.


Regardless, KG has clearly established himself as not only one of top basketball players of all time, but perhaps the most underrated athlete to become actor of all time. We'll see what's next for #5. Congrats KG!