Ryan Ochoa: How His Passion For Sports Translated Into Success Within Acting & Music

Image via Ryan Ochoa IG
Meet Ryan Ochoa. Many know of Ryan for his music, filmmaking or even remember him for his role as Chuck on iCarly... the dude can do it all.  But outside of his iconic roles in Disney & Nickelodeon, Ryan may be one of the more diverse and talented individuals within this space. But what many don't know about Ryan, is his passion for sports...mainly for football. He grew up as a diehard Raiders fan and is extremely expressive about his love for the team when given the chance. During our interview conducted he discussed his excitement when he recently found out star DE, Maxx Crosby, followed him on IG. Ryan has met some of the biggest stars in Hollywood including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Will Smith, Justin Bieber, Bradley Cooper and more but admitted he doesn't get star struck easily. However, when he encounters with anyone apart of the LV Raiders organization Ryan admitted his excitement can't be contained. When asked about this upcoming season for silver & black, he was optimistic about Darren Waller's impressive performance last season with Derek Carr taking charge. The young star also emphasized the confidence he has in Derek Carr despite not winning a postseason game as he's still had multiple +4000 yard seasons. Ryan has so much respect for the Vegas starting QB , that he even mentioned he would be absolutely honored to portray Carr in a biography film if given the opportunity to do so. When asked how Ryan was even able to navigate the time to stay up to date with favorite is team , he mentioned he used that time as motivator for him throughout the week. In other words, he would work extra hard in writing music or acting in films just to have those "3-4 hours to himself". Safe to say , the current actor and musician has always had a huge passion for LV Raiders... lets hope they make the super bowl this year. Make sure to stream Ochoa Boyz new album, R-Type out on all platforms!