Sandlot Cast Members Reunite at LA Comic Con By Kevin Larney

Victor DiMattia (Right) & Grant Gelt (Left) during their main stage panel at LA Comic Con 2022, Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino


The Sandlot, arguably the most beloved sports film of all time, is coming up on its 30th anniversary in April. And the 1993 feel-good comedy doesn’t seem to have lost any traction being the center of pop culture year after year. But where are the cast members today?


Even despite getting swarmed at their booth, we had the honor and privilege to catch up with a few of them at LA Comic Con last weekend. “We never thought we would go to events like this one and see (Benny) Rodriguez Jerseys, It’s Amazing.” Said Grant Gelt, who portrayed Bertram Grover Weeks. Victor DiMattia, fellow co-founder, laughs and shakes head in disbelief. The two actors were invited to the event not just because of their iconic roles, but the impact they have had on the game of baseball as a whole. Gelt & DiMattia joined forces to develop Play Forever, which is a new 501c3 nonprofit aimed to eliminate barriers and equip young athletes with the support they need to play forever and make sports accessible to everyone. As you may imagine, plenty of fans come up to these two asking for them to reflect about their fondest memories of the film, including pro athletes. Seeing this appreciation, they wanted to create their legacy for the greater good helping kids get equal opportunities to play & work in sports. When asked what DiMattia & Gelt will do to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sandlot, they suggested there are already looking at “big and exciting things” to take place between all the cast members and the non-profit in April. For the 25th anniversary, cast members met at Dodger stadium and received quite the recognition. If there was one thing from our conversation that was for certain, all cast members still stay in touch to this day. Please follow us to hear more about this conversation which will be released in the next couple days!

Fans and Collectors wait in line for LA Comic Con 2022, Photo Credit via LA Comic Con IG


Outside of meeting with the cast of Sandlot, LA Comic Con was incredible to say the least. Thousands of collectors and hundreds of vendors gathered at the convention center with some wearing one-of-a-kind costumes that I’ve never seen before. One of my favorite parts was watching the main stage panels over the weekend which included Simu Liu, Steve Burns, Sean Astin, Tom Kenney, Elijah Wood and more. Overall, this was my first time at comic con and the energy and authenticity of the collectors exceeded my expectations. In addition, the staff and volunteers at the event were extremely supportive. Each of them treated all press members like family and did everything in their power to secure interviews. Thank you again Comic Con for this opportunity and I’m looking forward to coming again next year!