Shai Wins GQ Man Of The Year

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Poses In Leather Jacket & Sunglasses

Image via LeagueFits


Although Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is frequently referred to as SGA, it might be more acceptable to call him "Mr. GQ" at this point.

Gilgeous-Alexander has developed quite the reputation for his off-the-court style after joining the NBA in 2018. He is a regular contributor to Slam Magazine's @leaguefits Instagram account and receives invitations to walk the runway during fashion week. Gilgeous-Alexander has received a significant award from GQ Magazine as a result of the public's widespread appreciation of her fashion selections.

Gilgeous-Alexander was selected GQ's Most Stylish Man of the Year for 2022, as chosen by the public, GQ announced on Friday, Dec. 16. The distinction was not exclusive to athletics, as Gilgeous-Alexander won by defeating icons A$AP Rocky, Steve Harvey, Steve Lacy Timothée Chalamet, Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen in a head-to-head competition.

Since the voting was done via Instagram polls, Gilgeous victory over such well-known people in pop culture should not be overlooked.

GQ stated- "No young hooper is as committed to the mission of NBA style, and none is quite as adventurous, either. And while on the court SGA has experienced his first flush of genuine superstardom, he’s still making sure to flex off of the hardwood, too. What’s the fashion equivalent of averaging 30 points per game?"

Every night, Gilgeous-pre-game Alexander's attire selections draw just as much attention as his on-court tricks, such as turning arena tunnels into runways. Shai is slowly becoming a legitimate star outside the NBA.