Sports Proving Celebrities Have More In Common Than Ever Before By Kevin Larney

Image via Justin Bieber IG
Wildchat Sports. Where Hollywood & Sports Meet. But what does that really mean?
Throughout the years, we've seen athletes aspire to be celebrities/musicians, or celebrities/musicians aspire to pride themselves as athletes. But with the age of social media and the rise of opportunity, any individual can do this through one post.
These big personalities have quickly become independent media companies, and athletes in particular are looking for ways to transition out of their long careers. They typically do this by collaborating with popular content creators or by transitioning into the world of acting or entrepreneurship. And vice versa... entrepreneurs enjoy working with athletes and celebrities. It's this Bermuda triangle of respect between all the most famous individuals. But the easiest way to begin a conversation despite your background or the number of followers you have, is by talking sports. Everyone has had some relationship to sports in some way or another and Wildchat Sports is hoping to emphasize that.
This past year we've seen athletes drop NFT projects, start businesses, vlogs, star in documentaries or begin writing rap lyrics. As well as new tiktok stars and artists looking to collab and meet some of their favorite athletes during this extra time. Or even youtubers such as Jake Paul, suddenly become the face of boxing with Snoop Dogg passionately broadcasting every punch. Quarantine has given these personalities to express their love for sports in variety of ways. And fans love it too, whether its watching Justin Bieber playing basketball with Jack Harlow, Damian Lillard continuing to produce music, Michael Jordan creating a documentary, Noah Beck playing basketball it's all coming through fruition.
Even companies leagues such as TCL, Legends, and Triller have orchestrated events in hopes of allowing entertainers to express love for sports and network with others in the industry. This past year has been quite hectic, but it has forever changed the future of who is qualified to be affiliated in sports and what athletes are capable of post-career. These personalities have more in common than ever before.