The Problem Child Proved to be a Problem for The Chosen One By Josh Fromowitz

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On Sunday Night, August 29th, Jake Paul put his 3-0 streak, all wins coming via KO, on the line against UFC legend, Tyron Woodley. Woodley has never appeared in a boxing match prior to this fight, but holds a 19-7-1 record in his UFC bouts, with 7 KOS. 

The beef between the two go back to earlier this year, when Jake Paul beat Ben Askren in the first round. Askren had Woodley in his corner for the fight, and after Paul beat Askren, he prank called Woodley. Both parties exchanged words for each other months after the fight, and they were able to get a contract to fight in Paul’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Paul showed fatigue at around the half way point of the fight, but was able to go the distance for the first time in his professional career and secure the victory to make him 4-0. Woodley gained momentum in the 4th and 5th rounds, landing more shots to the face of Paul, but after the fight, Paul claimed he was hit “only once.” The judges scored the bout a split decision, 2 judges in favor of Paul. Both fighters claimed they were robbed, Paul believed he won every round, while Woodley said he landed more shots in the last half of the fight and should have scored more points to land a victory. When being interviewed after the fight, Woodley said “no disrespect but fuck the Fury fight, I want a rematch.” Paul laughed in his face and said basically, only if you get a tattoo on your leg that says “I love Jake Paul.” (This was apart of the bet the two had prior to the fight, the loser would get a tattoo of whatever the winner chooses.)

( This is the tattoo the two fighters agreed on)

Will Woodley actually get the tattoo, and will we see a rematch down the road? Both fighters feel they were robbed somehow and feel they were deserving of the win. Paul may look to challenge someone else like Nate Diaz or Tommy Fury, and as for Tyron Woodley, he is set on a rematch with Paul. He doesn’t want to fight anyone else but him.