The Ski Mask Girl Has Changed The Way Golf Is Played

(Image credit via Height Zone)


For years, there has always been a sophisticated way to playing the game of Golf. We've been told there is a certain way to carry ourselves on the course and to act in a professional manner. But since the launch of TikTok, all those rules may be written off for this upcoming generation. TooTurntTony, who has accumulated over 10M followers on TikTok,  has been pioneering a new style on the course with the help of his well known assistant, The Ski Mask Girl. We recently conducted an interview with the mysterious masked icon and she mentioned how passionate both her and Tony are when it comes to hitting the links. In our conversation, she discussed how she met Tony and how they ended up doing insane stunts on the green. Whether its driving cart with a blowup duck raft attached, laying down attached to the cart, Tony swinging golf balls off her face, or other unique celebrations... the TooTurnt crew has changed how game should be played and gone viral throughout the process.


The Ski Mask Girl also mentioned the long hours it takes to perfect a video explaining the daily routine to film is approximately 2-3 hours. However, she's extremely grateful to do such wild stunts for a living after taking on a plethora of hard jobs just to get to this point. When asked if her and Tony would consider hosting a celebrity golf tournament, she hinted it's definitely a possibility and something the two of them hope to pull off. She promised if the event did become official, girls will likely be wearing ski masks at every hole and it would be an absolutely epic day. Safe to say The Ski Mask Girl and the rest of the TooTurnt crew continue to create new norms for an extremely conservative sport. This is just the beginning the mysterious icon so make sure to tune in to our latest episode to hear the rest her secrets  moving forward!