Tom Holland is More Athletic Than You By Conor Daniel

Image via Pedestrian TV


Since 2002, we have had three different Spider-Mans, Tobey Mcguire, Andrew Garfield, and the best in my opinion Tom Holland. Spider-Man is supposed to be a high-school student. Out of all three, Holland has the most boyish looks which fit the role the best. From the early age of 10, the U.K. actor started dancing classes at the Donhead Wimbleton College Prep School. After training in dance and gymnastics, Holland started to land a few roles in musicals and plays.


Tom Hollands gymnastics were so good that during his auditions for the role of Spidey, it helped him land the role. He is known to have helped his stunt double with tips. For the most part, Holland did all the stunts he was “legally” allowed to do. One of my favorite stories was how he learned his American accent. Recently, Holland has been putting his boxing skills on display. The boy is quick. Must be the Spider Senses (vomit). Maybe there will be a Logan or Jake Paul boxing match in the future since everyone else is doing it.


Tom Holland’s athleticism, led him to get one of the most popular roles in Hollywood. It also helped him to win over Zendaya. Speaking of her and him a must-watch of Tom Holland showing off his full gambit of tricks --------> Tom Holland Must Watch