TooturntTony and Happy Gilmore Have A lot in Common By Kevin Larney

Image via TikTok Thumbnail
TooturntTony is an icon in the making. Whether it's his pet duck, his edgy skits or creating content with his family... Tony's posts are quite legendary. The young star has gained 10.5M followers on TikTok and has quickly become one of the most popular internet personalities this past year. But if what if I told you Tony has the potential to change the game of golf? Yes, golf. We've seen plenty of other Youtubers and celebrities try to prove their athletic talents but Tony is one of the few to transition into this particular sport. If you look at his previous content, it's obvious he has a passion for playing as he isn't afraid to take on the green. In these videos, the man has done it all. Whether it's driving golf balls into lakes or spitting into females mouths, it's fair to say Tony brings his own style to the game. Who else does this remind you of? Yep... the one and only Happy Gilmore. The only other man who wasn't afraid to break barriers in the sport and bring on his own style despite numerous unwritten rules. Both these characters have their own swagger, and the only other man that had THIS much confidence as Tony on the green was the Adam Sandler based character. I think Shooter may have some new competition to take of...
In all seriousness, I'm making this comparison because I think it could bring a lot of opportunities for the up and coming celebrity. There's this appeal that both Happy Gilmore and Tony bring to the sport of golf and its just pure entertainment. People want to know what it's like to live in their world . What's one way we can test this comparison? By Tony hosting a celebrity golf tournament. Yes it may be a stretch but if what if people could actually attend his fantasy in person? Whether it's the ducks on the green, masked girls driving carts and acting as caddy's, and unlimited amounts of alcohol involved.... I think Tony has a big opportunity to capitalize. I think it could be cool to see other celebrities or influencers hit the links in this kind of environment and experience something nobody has ever seen before. Hopefully TikTok or Triller would be opened to sponsoring an event like this but regardless, TooTurntTony could break some serious barriers in golf and continue to build on a legacy as this generations "Happy Gilmore".