Were Courteney Cox & Michael Jordan Ever Dating?

Image via Courteney Cox Instagram


Back in 2020, Courteney Cox shared a old pic of herself eating dinner with Michael Jordan in 1995, with the Friends actress looking extremely keen on the Chicago Bulls legend. It seemed like Cox couldn't remove her eyes from MJ, and was having a truly great time with 23.

Cox looked happy to be with Jordan in the photos but that's no surprise. Safe to say NBA players can pretty much any girl in the world however this time, we are discussing quite possibly of the greatest female superstar during the 90s in awe of Jordan's presence. Another example is this past year we saw videos resurfacing of Halle Berry shooting her shot at Kobe Bryant while sitting courtside during a Lakers game.

Overall this photo of Cox & MJ is iconic and it's safe to say NBA stars in 90's got the attention of the most notable actresses. However who knows if MJ and Cox were official back then as it has many wondering, but clearly MJ was the GOAT off the court as well.