What Does Tatum's 60pt Performance Mean For The Future Of The NBA By Kevin Larney

Image via Sam's Celtics Discussion Forum


Jayson Tatum drops 60 points against the Spurs last night, making a case for why he could be the new face of the NBA within this next decade. The 23-year old always had game, but his prolific scoring performance is reminder of what he is capable of. Whether it's the mid range shot, a deep three, a pick and roll, or scoring off a fast break, Tatum has all the tools to be one the best all around scorers in NBA history.


Yes I know this is a stretch and slightly extreme statement after having "one big night", but quite honestly I've always felt quite optimistic in Tatum's skillset. As of now, I think a fair comparison of his scoring style is similar to Carmelo Anthony back in his day's with the NYK. Although his post up game may not be as impressive as Melo's in it's prime, Tatum has proven to be a guy you can count on to score in big moments.


In addition, JT has been slightly overshadowed by other young stars in the league including Luka Doncic, JA Morant, Zion Williamson and more. All of which are extremely promising players. However none of them have been able to cap off a scoring performance like this one. I think these other up and coming stars are certainly capable of doing so, but 60pt performance is not an easy thing to put on your resume by your early 20's. Regardless, this showcase only proves that the sky is the limit for Tatum and the future of the NBA. This just my quick two cents on JT's recent outing and what it could mean for his future.