What Kardiac Kemba Means To Us By David Migliaccio


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With tonight being the NCAA tournament, I figured it’s time to reminisce on some nostalgia. Growing up as a kid in Connecticut, we didn’t have any professional sports teams, all we had was Uconn basketball. But during the 2000’s, that was about as good as it gets, with the mens team being good, and the womens team being the best to ever do it. While us Nutmeggers hold special places in our hearts for Maya Moore, Ray Allen, Breanna Stewart, Shabazz Napier, Emeka Okafor, and Hashem Sabeet, it seems one stands above the rest.

 Kemba Walker’s miraculous tournament run that started with a dagger stepback against Pitt, and ended with him cutting down the nets after defeating Butler is something that most sports fans won’t forget, especially those of us who live in the shadow of New York and Boston. Watching Kemba cut down the net in the freshest championship hat and snapback I’ve ever laid eyes on meant something to all of us in the 860 and the 203. We were no longer misfits who chose Yankees or Red Sox, and then hated the other one. We had a team that was ours, and we were champions.