Who Are The Danbury Trashers?

Image Via Champagne Papi IG
Netflix's Untold series has been a huge hit these past few weeks, as it's goal is to provide viewers with "fresh eyes to epic tales from the wide world of sports". The first episode of the five-part series highlights the brief success a local hockey team had in the early 2000's, the Danbury Trashers. The team was bought by infamous mob leader Jimmy Galante and managed by his 17-year old son, AJ Galante. AJ fell in love the 1992 film, the Mighty Ducks, and after suffering from a career ending injury amidst his hockey career... the organization fell in his hands. From 2004-2006, this organization was the most beloved team in all of hockey. The Trashers were known for signing gritty players and getting into numerous brawls against other teams. Fans and celebrities from all over the country would visit Danbury to view these brutal punches live, including WWE superstar John Cena. Between these gruesome fights and disrespectful pranks, the Trashers quickly became the self-proclaimed Bad Boys of the UHL . But after owner Jimmy Galante was found paying players through his garbage business, and caught by the FBI doing other fraudulent activities involved with the mob... the teams iconic run came to a halt. With the success of the documentary, the thrasher brand has quickly resurrected as celebrities continue to pay tribute to the beloved team. Jersey sales have sky rocketed as well especially after rap icon, Drake, posted a photo representing the Danbury jersey on his IG as a way of celebrating the drop of Certified Lover Boy. In general this documentary is must-watch and despite a short stint, the Galante family should be acknowledged for the community they established in Danbury during this time.