Why Brianna Chickenfry Should Step Foot In The Ring By Kevin Larney

Via @briannalapaglia IG


I had the pleasure of interviewing Barstool Sports very own, Brianna "Chickenfry" LaPaglia. If you don't know Bri, she is a Massachusetts native who has quietly persevered into becoming one of the more iconic creators on TikTok. She hosts three podcasts including PlanBri, Because We Got High, and BFF's but is arguably most known for posting videos of herself hungover. But outside of creating content, Bri seems to have an athletic history as well. Before working under Dave Portnoy's empire, she has been vocal about doing track and swimming. But with celebrity boxing becoming a hot commodity, I had to ask if she would ever consider stepping in the ring. She was all about it but there was one issue...she currently has no beef with anyone!


There have been other female creators expressing their interest in the sport including Tana Mongeau, Corinna Kopf, and occasionally Addison Rae. But after seeing the number of questions flood in my dm's prior to the show, Bri might have the strongest ENGAGEMENT amongst these other internet personalities. Her authenticity and relatability has been contagious amongst her fans after growing over 200k on IG and 1.2M on TikTok and appears that each one of her followers has become a coolata fanatic as well. Anyways, I mention this because engagement and growing an authentic audience is hard to build nowadays. With the bot accounts, fake likes, and other forms of fake growth becoming a common strategy for the majority of these influencers they don't have the same community that Bri has built. I truly believe her followers would purchase PPV tickets and if possible...Barstool should host the event with Josh/Dave commentating giving them the opportunity to continue brand BFF's. There's no beef now, but maybe we'll see Bri in the ring soon!