Why I Think Josh Richards Is Changing Social Media In Sports By Kevin Larney

Image via Josh Richards IG

Over the past 8 months or so, TikTok star and BFF's Cohost Josh Richards, has taken over the sports industry by storm. We've seen him play football at Hardrock stadium, hit RBI's in a celebrity softball game, play soccer with a fire Juventus Jersey, try out lacrosse and even attend Miami Heat games. He has also met other notable figures in the industry as well including David Beckham, Alex Rodriquez, and Wayne Gretzky. But the 19-year old is turning into quite the businessman as well. Him and his business partner, Michael Gruen , locked in partnerships as a youth advisor for the NHL and are even launching an NBA agency as well. 

I've never met these two individuals, but I have to say its incredibly impressive with what they've done so far. Richards has slowly been able to translate his passion for sports into significant business relationships. Gruen has been known to be a master networker within the sports/entertainment industry and has a strong reputation in the field so it's no surprise that Richards has been taken under his wing. The last couple weeks, Richards made an appearance in a star strutted all star game and officially made the announcement with his work in the NHL.

After his conversation with NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman, fans have been critical of Richards calling him a "fake fan" of sports. For anyone saying this, I think that's absolutely ridiculous. People are clearly criticizing because they are insecure of what he's accomplished at such a young age. And if we're being completely transparent, Richards is smart to diversify in other areas outside of TikTok.

Anyways if I had to guess, this is only the beginning for these two and I wouldn't be surprised if they locked in major partnerships with all the professional sports leagues in the near future.