Why Influencers Should Pursue Sports Outside Boxing

Image via Represent 

If it is not obvious enough, YouTubers & TikTokers are now transitioning into the sport of boxing. If you have not read my previous articles, I clearly think this is a great idea for all creators (hence why I started this site!). But I think its time we see other celebrities, influencers, rappers etc try out other sports. Or vice versa, why do not professional athletes test their talents elsewhere and compete with top celebs as well. If you look at the blueprint within influencer boxing space, Jake Paul is the best example of a personality who has dominated. Here is in their early 20’s, with little experience fighting, expressive, and initially had a persona as a Youtuber overshadowed by his older brother Logan. But then he gets in the ring with a former professional and freakishly athletic basketball player by the name of Nate Robinson and KO’s him early. Safe to say Nate was fast asleep… and influencers were quickly building a reputation for themselves as athletes. But in general, what helped Jake the most was he differentiated himself and was extremely obnoxious… he was a pioneer. Now every youtuber is trying to get in on a PPV fight and use his exact blueprint. Jake is not the only celebrity that has a passion for sports. Ice Cube started his own basketball league, Stephen Curry started a miniature golf television series, Quavo plays basketball on a consistent basis, JCole went pro, while Jack Harlow Druski and Snoop Dogg are all broadcasting sporting events.  So what does Jake and all these other names have in common? They are all early adapters to this change yet remaining authentic to what their audiences know them for. And even better for these YouTubers more specifically, they have total control of their brand image/likeness and have already built a platform to utilize. So why wouldn’t they take a chance to play another sport that they enjoy while creating another source of revenue for themselves? I think in future we could see more frequent celebrity golf events, pickup basketball games, flag football games etc but also be broadcasted through a PPV format.