Why Logan and Jake Should Not Fight Each Other

Image via Jake Paul IG

Logan and Jake Paul both seem quite focused to establish themselves as professional boxers, however their goals seem to be different from one another. If we look at Jake Paul’s career he has fought former basketball player Nate Robinson, and former MMA champion Ben Askren and KO’d both of them. While Logan lost to former musician/youtuber KSI and earned the draw with arguably the greatest of all time, Floyd Mayweather (despite his age). So, what is more impressive, Jakes 3-0 record or Logan Paul’s 0-1-1 record? The answer depends on who you ask.

Any person would look at Jake Paul’s resume and claim he has proven himself more… maybe as a fighter but not as an entertainer. If we look more into his previous matchups, he is facing professional athletes who are still in relatively good shape and beat Tyron Woodley, a champion who is in the prime of his career. With Logan, it is clear he’s going for the larger headlines than Jake and is more likely to accept competition from someone less qualified if it means they have a large audience. For example, earlier this summer Logan talked about fighting Mike Tyson who is 54 years old. Usually other fighters would want to fight someone else in the prime of their career because they know if they lose to someone twice their age, it could be a bad look. Again this is criticizing Logan, if anything it's actually genius because he knows it will make purposeful content. But Logan is shooting for the greatest and most marketable headlines.  In other words, Jake wants to be identified as a fighter while Logan seems to be determined to be the greatest entertainer ever , with fighting just being another source of content.  Please do not misinterpret what I’m both these brothers are true pioneers and respectable fighters but have two different goals. But if the two fight each other, one of them will likely come out as a loser for the long term in this space. They should avoid it but create suspense over the possibility of the matchup as the years go on.