Why Tayler Holder Won The Fight This Weekend

Via Tayler Holder Facebook
This past weekend everyone was talking about the McBroom vs Hall matchup. As the main card that's expected, and with Hall getting KO'd it was clearly the highlight of the event. However one matchup between the Youtubers & TikToker's that was overshadowed by the headline was Tayler Holder fighting AnEsonGib. Holder, who was arguably one of the more notable names that stepped in the ring, was actually the favorite. Him and Bryce are very good friends and haven't been afraid to post their training videos. In one specific video, it looked as if Tayler was training and getting pointers with world champion Canelo Alvarez. Fair to say expectations were fairly high for Holder. But if you watched the event, you knew he didn't dominate as much as people anticipated. Gibs really took over and basically won 4 out of the 5 rounds landing 47 total punches compared to Holder's 21 punches. However, it was announced the fight was a draw and based off the numbers, fans think Gibs was robbed of a win.
In my opinion, yes Gibs was robbed of the W this past weekend. However, outside of a win this is arguably the best case scenario for Holder as well. As stated earlier, the TikTok star has been slightly overshadowed by other personalities that he's close with including Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson and more. All this fight does is provide a narrative for his next fight and give him the opportunity to fight again. Holder is no longer taking a backseat, he's definitely a name we will see in the ring again and has seemed to build a brand for himself. Overall, I think he's a bigger winner for the long term that people realize.