Jeweled-Out Joker
This joker's role is to inherit the best seats and secure for the opposing teams fans only. He believes no stray pet has any business being in a wealthy circle and tries to steal his seat.
Courtside Cat
A driven, depressed, stray cat whose dream is to find a family who loves sports and to find the best seats possible each time at games despite hurdles faced. However he will soon learn money and social status won't make him happy after all.
Courtside King
This obnoxious, rich king adopts his new cat and new companion to go to games with. He initially goes to games to impress his friends but later learns that his fandom and relationships are more important and has a change of heart.



cartoon overview.
After finding a new home, a stray cat finds himself in a family of royalty that owns season tickets in the very first row for every sports team. Through this journey he finds himself befriending movie stars, musicians, and even world class athletes while witnessing the most iconic moments in sports history. However, the courtside joker and majority of owners of teams have other plans to remove him from seats despite royal connections as this "pet" is getting bigger than sports itself. If you're a sports fan, you want to sneak into games with this funny yet inspirational cat as he always finds a way to get 1st row no matter what!
underlining themes.

There are so many underlining themes we want our characters to explore including mental health awareness, self-confidence, staying grounded and grateful for what you have regardless of the situation and more. These are relatable situations not just for our team but for those who recently graduated school or focusing on next transition in life. We believe this could be delivered in a light-hearted way as we envision this being an "inspirational-comedy." No network has a sports based cartoon focused on mental health awareness. This animation hopes to embrace ones differences, remind them to live in the present and not take life too seriously, and teach them that everyone is fighting a battle others have no idea of despite how confident they may make out to be.

meaning behind row 1.

Over the past few years Wildchat Sports has grown a promising reputation within the intersection of sports & entertainment, most notably known for hosting interviews with some of the biggest stars. Arguably the most coveted seat at any sporting event is to sit in the very first row as our idols are reserved to sit in best seats in the building. These characters were made in an effort to recreate some of the most historic moments in sports with the most iconic fans getting a front row seat and how they able to reach this level of success. Our Row 1 characters are the official mascot figures of Wildchat Sports and are responsible for communicating important messages in our society through animation.