About Us


Wildchat Sports is named after a radio segment called "Wildchat's" that aired on WUNH 91.3FM at the University of New Hampshire. The show was beloved by many in years past but presently wasn't heard of by many students on campus as others in the local community didn't believe the show met expectations (rightfully so). Our mission is to build a commerce brand in honor of the show hosted at the University from a name that essentially grown to be a non-factor in the station as years went on, to one of the most prominent & diverse media startups in all of Hollywood.

Our generation is told to choose a traditional career path. After chatting with peers, the most popular choice by many growing up was to be an athlete or an entertainer in some capacity(actor, musician, influencer etc). But what if you could do both? Our network is dedicated to be a hub for celebrities to express their passion for sports, display those relationships with fellow athletes, showcase athletic ability, and even embrace outside creative interests without any limitations. Artists & entertainers want to be athletes and athletes want to become an artist or entertainer to some capacity. Regardless of career choice or public following, everyone has an experience with sports to some degree. Wildchat Sports, where Hollywood & Sports meet.